Virtual Puzzle Parley 2021 Registration
July 17-18, 2021

While the Virtual Puzzle Parley will be open to anyone, we ask that you register so that we can better plan for the event. We also invite you to go to our contact page and join our mailing list to receive Parley information. We will use your email address to provide you with the link(s) to the virtual sessions. This information is used solely for these purposes and will not be shared.

Virtual Puzzle Parley 2021 Registration Form

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Show and Tell. It's a snap! Take photo(s) of a puzzle you own with your phone, and talk about it in the Zoom session on Saturday or Sunday. It could be a special one in your collection, or one you have created yourself, or even puzzle paraphernalia. Each participant will have a few minutes to describe their item to everyone. Anne Williams, our Show and Tell Coordinator, will contact you with details. In the meantime, if you have questions for her, send them to

Selling Puzzles. Puzzles sales have always been an important part of our Parleys. If you look at our pictures of previous Parleys, you will see the room filled with tables of new and old puzzles. For our Virtual Parley, if you have items to sell, we will have a special page of ads posted continualy throughout the two-day event. Your ad can link to a webpage or posting, or, if you don't have one, it can bring up a popup to send email to you, the seller. The ad includes a few lines of text and an optional picture. In addition to our zoom sessions, we will have a special zoom breakout room where you and the buyer can go anytime to talk further. During breaks, we will be pointing participants to go there to explore. This is a great chance for puzzle enthusiasts or collectors to buy new and old puzzles and make deals! Deb Dana, our Puzzles Sales Coordinator, will contact you with more information.

Optional Information: Since our Parleys bring together puzzle makers, collectors, historians and other fields of puzzling interest, we ask that attendees tell us a little about themselves. Please check below any and all that apply.
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Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker