The Fourth Puzzle Parley
Detail Par puzzle photo courtesy Bob Armstrong
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The fourth Puzzle Parley was held as a regional meeting of the part of the American Game Collector's Association (AGCA), forerunner of the current AGPC organization on February 14, 1999. Approximately 40 people from around the country, Canada and England attended, most of whom were new and prospective AGCA members. Activities began the night before when all attendees were invited to the home of Barry Benepe, the meeting's local coordinator, to socialize and view his old puzzles, followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant and a visit to the home of Amy Scott to view her extraordinary new puzzles which involve cutting her own original art into puzzle pieces.

Bob Armstrong chaired the meetings the next day which included a morning session devoted to issues of cutting new puzzles, buffet lunch, an afternoon session in which AGCA members, Gus and Marty Trowbridge and Bob Armstrong, explained the finer points of 25 great puzzles on display, discussion of what people want in puzzles, and finally, buying selling and swapping puzzles.

Perhaps the single most important issue raised was the problem of insuring collections of new and old puzzles (and games) which have expanded to the point where homeowners insurance will no longer provides coverage. Efforts to insure through special carriers (i.e. Lloyds of London) have resulted in quotes well above what any normal collector can afford. The consensus of the meeting was that this is a widespread problem for both puzzle and game collectors and an ideal issue for the AGCA to address on behalf of its members. Making available such insurance at reasonable prices would attract many new members to the AGCA, certainly jigsaw puzzle people.

AGCA member, Bruce Whitehill, also described the current effort of the AGCA Board to review the organization's name and purpose so as to expand them to embrace puzzle people, both jigsaw and mechanical, as well as game and puzzle people from around the world. His comments were received most favorably by the attendees. The name was later changed to the American Game and Puzzle Collectors' Association.

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Detail Pastime Puzzle "David Coppperfield Leaving Margate"