The Third Puzzle Parley
Detail Pastime Puzzle photo courtesy Bob Armstrong
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Cutters' Discussion

The third Puzzle Parley took place on Saturday October 25, 1997 at the Worcester (Mass.) Public Library, in conjunction with its month long exhibition of puzzles from Bob Armstrong's collection, plus some puzzles by contemporary cutters. The event attracted 34 puzzle cutters: 19 from New England, 10 from the NY-NJ-PA area, and 5 from the midwest.


Chuck Ross with Pagey Elliott and Richard and Nancy Ballhagen

Chuck Ross from North Dakota came the furthest, traveling entirely by train! Several enthusiastic new cutters joined us, including Dave Beffa-Negrini. Inspired by the 1996 Parley, he had started creating puzzles only ten months earlier.


The meeting began at 10 a.m, chaired by Bob Armstrong and Pagey Elliott. After the initial introductions, the group engaged in a lively discussion of all aspects of wooden jigsaw puzzle production - materials, techniques, and marketing.

Bob Armstrong beginning the meeting

Following lunch, attorney Roberta Fitzsimmons gave a presentation on copyright law as it applies to the images that puzzle makers use.

Amy Scott wrapped up the meeting with a surprise presentation: a birthday gift to Anne Williams of one of Amy's hand painted wreath puzzles.

At 4 p.m. we adjourned to the nearby home of Bob and Hildegard Armstrong for a social hour and a lovely buffet supper. Bob gave tours of his basement workshop and showed off other puzzles displayed around the house.

Photo courtesy Bob Armstrong