The Fourteenth Puzzle Parley
Detail Nervous System Puzzle
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Lunch at the Anchor Bar
Lower Right:Rick Tucker on the Maiden of the Mist Boat
Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker
Buffalo Games tour - from this to that.
At the Pierce Arrow Museum

For the fourteenth parley we combined the Puzzle Parley with the AGPI (Association of Games and Puzzle International) Convention. We chose Rochester NY as the location for this event because of the Strong Museum of Play where some of our events took place.

Our weekend started on Thursday with two optional activities. The first was an all-day bus trip of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. We visited Buffalo Games who are known for their quality puzzles and interesting games. We then dined for lunch at the Anchor Bar where we had the opportunity to sample the original buffalo wings. After lunch we headed off for a private tour of the Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum as well as a Niagara Falls visit where some of us journeyed into the falls on the Maiden of the Mist boat.

Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker

For a quieter activity, the Strong Museum opened their world class Brian Sutton-Smith Library and Archives pf Play for research. The library is unmatched with its archives on the history of games and puzzles. It was a unique opportunity to access information to do research for an article in the ACPI publications The Quarterly or On the Table.

On Thursday evening, early arrivals could attend either an adventure in one of Rochester's Escape Rooms or simply begin enjoying puzzling or gaming with old and new friends.

Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker
Melinda Shebell and Marge Hillback in front of an exhibit of Melinda's puzzle.

On Friday, the museum offered us complimentary admission and a VIP tour which included its research library, the behind the scenes archives, and an exhibit of puzzles past and current. Some of the special puzzles we saw included puzzles from The Anne Williams Puzzle Collection, our own Exchange Puzzles from past Parleys and the "South Carolina" puzzles from a previous AGPI convention. Several master cutters participated in a live cutting demonstration which was received with much enthusiasm by museum patrons young and old.

A Private Viewing of Past PEPE Puzzles and the South Carolina Puzzzles
Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker

John Stokes, Juday Pedersen and David Beffa-Nigrini giving cutting demonstrations.
Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker
Start of the Pagey Elliott Puzzle Exchange
Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker

Our Friday banquet was followed by the fifth PEPE (Pagey Elliot Puzzle Exchange, organized by Anne Williams. Then Show and Tell of interesting games or puzzles brought by attendees. Puzzling and gaming continued into the night.

Saturday featured a full day of parallel and shared sessions with the AGPI. Some of the talks and sessions presented on Saturday included:

Bob Armstrong - "Dickens in Puzzles"
Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker
Antori Pancco - "Cutting Jigsaw Puzzles from Acrylics"
Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker
Judy Peterson - "How to Design a Jigsaw Puzzle If You Can't Draw"
Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker
Anne Williams - "A Field Guide to Jigsaw Puzzle Identification";
Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker
Chris Yates - "The Making of 'Baffler' Puzzles"
Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker
Mark Tschida - "Making Wood Puzzles Using Veneers"
Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker

After Saturday's dinner, the AGPI presented the "Outstanding Achievement Award" to the Strong Museum of Play. Our after-dinner speaker on Saturday night was Chris Bensch with "A Curator's Day at the Strong Museum". Chris had us rolling in the aisle with his talk and his hula hooping!

Illaria Rocchi, Accepting the Best-in-Show Award for her father
Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker
Best-in-Show Puzzle
Costier Amalfitana by Ceasar Rocchi

Throughout the day, puzzle entries for the Best in Show trophy were displayed in the front of the room where people could vote for their favorite. After dinner we announced the winner, Caesar Rocchi for his puzzle of an Italian scene in wood veneer. His daughter Illaria was in attendance from Italy and accepted the award for him.

Saturday evening ended with the AGPI auction featuring Dave Beffa-Negrini with undiscovered auctioneering talents. His energy and enthusiasm brought tears of laughter and he even upped people's bids automatically for the many treasures on the auction block.

Still not done, many of us continued our puzzling and gaming till all hours.

Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker
Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker
Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker
Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker

Sunday morning had two parallel sessions. The first was a well-attended workshop on restoring old puzzles lead by Lisa Lee. Like the last parley, Lisa had prepared replacement pieces for some of her puzzles and attendees tried their hand at creating the artwork for them. The second was a panel discussion on "Today's Game and Puzzle Market" consisting of Bob Armstrong, Rosemary Howbrigg, Dave Thomen and led by Bob Finn.

We closed with a presentation of the 2019 AGPI convention to be held in Denver, Colorado in 2019 and our Raffle drawing with items contributed by puzzle cutters, game collectors and general Parley/AGPI supporters.

Group Photo of all Attendees
Photo courtesy of Ashley Marvin

Finally, here are only a few of the wonderful puzzles on display all day Saturday.

Stave Puzzles with a display of some of their more memorable creations
A Collection of Puzzles by artist Amy Scott
Perfect for a puzzling musician, created by Thom Spencer Jigsaw Art
Puzzle "Doodles" from Thom Spenser - Jigsaw Art
Some classy ladies created by Lisa Lee Forgetmenot Puzzles
"Village" by David Beffa-Negrini Fools Gold Puzzles
A Collection of Puzzles by Jay Hollis Bogart Puzzles
Photo courtesy of Rick Tucker
Even the boxes are pretty - Fools Gold Puzzles
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Detail Amy Scott puzzle