The First Puzzle Parley
Detail of Pagemark puzzle cut by Pagey Elliott
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Debby Greeley hosted the first Puzzle Parley on Saturday September 10, 1994 at her home in Concord, Massachusetts. Twenty-two puzzlers made the trek to this historic town, including 13 from New England, 6 from the NY-PA area, 2 Midwesterners, and Chuck Small, all the way from California. Organizer Bob Armstrong was absent, recovering in a Maine hospital from a 70-foot fall from a hiking trail. Bob's son Conrad substituted for him in helping Pagey Elliott chair the meeting.

The formal part of the meeting was a two-hour morning discussion of the ins and outs of cutting wooden puzzles. Jim Ayer talked about his innovative method of cutting with a computer controlled highly pressurized water jet. Anne Williams offered a brief analysis of which wooden jigsaws are most desirable to collectors. Anne also recorded the proceedings so Bob could view them later, thanks to a video camera on loan from Betty (aka Liz) Platais, Pagey's oldest daughter.

After the lunch that Debby served, the group continued to exchange ideas informally, while checking out the hand-cut puzzles that many had brought to display or sell. Quite a few puzzles changed hands before everyone departed later that afternoon.

The video of the Parley's proceedings is now in the permanent collection of the Strong Museum Library in Rochester, NY.

Detail from Spilsbury puzzle