The Armstrong Scholarship Program is named in honor of Bob Armstrong, one of the Parley's co-founders and chair or co-chair of most of the past Parleys. Throughout the years Bob with his extensive website,, and various Parley talks and workshops at previous Parleys has been a strong mentor and source of information to puzzlers, collectors, and restorers alike. His vision has made Parley meetings a unique source of ideas, information, and of course wonderful puzzles.


The Armstrong Scholarship Program is proud to financially support cutters, collectors and enthusiasts to attend Puzzle Parley 2020, to expand their knowledge and expertise directly related to puzzles. It focuses on individuals who might not be able to attend the Puzzle Parley meeting without financial support and/or have limited experience in their area of study.

Scholarship Amounts and Criteria

The Parley Scholarship Committee will review applications. Although the final deadline for applications for the 2020 Parley has not yet been set, we urge people to apply at early as possible.

Scholarship recipients may use awards for Parley registration, housing, or travel expenses.

The criteria for approving a scholarship application include financial need, the experience level of the applicant and the relevance of the educational program or workshop. If multiple applications are received the committee may decide to give partial support to all rather than a full scholarship to one person.


The Committee will give priority to applicants who have not received a Parley grant recently, and to those who can best contribute to this or future Parleys. Some ideas for ways to contribute include:

  • Making a Parley presentation
  • Volunteering to take on an organizational task for the Parley
  • Donating wood puzzles to the Parley raffle or sales table (either new if you are a puzzle maker or old if you are a collector or enthusiast)

How to Apply

Fill out and mail the application form. For questions contact Bob Armstrong 508-799-0644,

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