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The Pagey Elliott Jigsaw Puzzle Exchange

Pagey Elliot with one of her creations (Circa 1992)

This Jigsaw Puzzle Exchange honors the memory of Rachel Page Elliott (1913-2009), who took up cutting wooden jigsaw puzzles when she was in her seventies. She soon became a top notch puzzle maker. In 2006 the Guinness Book of World Records recognized her for creating the jigsaw puzzle that sold for the highest price ever ($27,000) at a charitable art auction.

For twenty years she shared her techniques, artistry, and insights about making jigsaw puzzles with accomplished puzzlers and novices alike. Her dedication to fostering a community for the open exchange of ideas led to the first Puzzle Parley in Concord, Massachusetts in September 1994. The first informal Puzzle Exchange took place in Salem, Massachusetts at Puzzle Parley X in 2010. The idea took hold and was formalized in 2012. The exchange at Puzzle Parley 2016 was our fourth. The guidelines for Puzzle Parley 2016 can be found here.

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