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Past Puzzle Parley Meetings

In the early 1990s relatively few craftspeople were cutting wooden jigsaw puzzles. And most of them were working in isolation. Rachel Page (Pagey) Elliott, who had taken up puzzle cutting in 1989, decided it was time to break down the barriers. She came up with the inspired idea of a "Puzzle Parley," a gathering together of jigsaw puzzle cutters to share ideas and experiences. She proposed this concept to Bob Armstrong and recruited him as organizer. Pagey and Bob, along with Debby Greeley (Pagey's sister) and Anne Williams, were the forces behind the first Parley in 1994.

Over more than two decades the Puzzle Parley has grown from an occasional one-day gathering of puzzle cutters to a biennial weekend event. Parleys have provided a showcase for experienced puzzle makers, and they have fostered and trained aspiring cutters. They have brought puzzle creators, suppliers, collectors, and aficionados together with presentations on topics as diverse as how to cut a 4-foot by 4-foot puzzle, the design of figure pieces, and the history of Parker Brothers' Pastime puzzles.

Many volunteers have contributed countless hours to making each Parley a success. The Pagey Elliott Jigsaw Puzzle Exchange, instituted in 2010 (the first Parley after Pagey's death) by Melinda Shebell, continues to keep the memory of Pagey and her brilliant cutting alive today.

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