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The puzzles in the 2014 Pagey Elliot Puzzle Exchange

Below are the 17 puzzles exchanged at the 11th Puzzle Parley in Salem MA. There was on additional puzzle exchanged by an absentee cutter. While one of the rules is that the cutter must be present for the exchange, a new cutter from Italy, Cesare Rocchi, contacted the exchange participants and informally exchanged with some participants. In addition to exchanging with each other, each participant donated one additional puzzle to the Strong Museum. They are listed in alphabetical order by cutter or manufacturer name. The photographs are courtesy of Anne Williams or the Strong Museum.

Jim Ayer
Ayer Puzzles
Graham Curtis
Glenwood Puzzles
Shawn Ferguson
Ferguson Puzzle Company
Bruce Gehman
Gehman Puzzle Works
L. Keith Graves
Graves Puzzles
Jay Hollis
Bogarts Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
Lisa Lee
Forgetmenot Puzzles
Ron Moore
Turtle Teasers Puzzles
Carol Ottenberg
Antorio Pancco
Antori Pancco Puzzles
Kathleen Pigeon
Pigeon Puzzles
Liz Platais
Riverside Puzzles
Steve Richardson
Stave Puzzles
Joe Seymour
Dep Qua Puzzles
Melinda Shebell
Jardin Puzzles
John Stokes III
Custom Puzzle Craft
Mark Tschida
Press Puzzles
Cesare Rocchi
(informal particpant)

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