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The puzzles in the 2012 Pagey Elliot Puzzle Exchange

Below are the 21 puzzles exchanged at the 11th Puzzle Parley in Salem MA. They are listed in alphabetical order by cutter or manufacturer name. The photographs are courtesy of John Stokes of Custom Puzzle Craft Puzzles. His site contains a more detailed review of each puzzle.

Jim Ayer
Ayer Puzzles
David Beffa-Negrini
Fool's Gold Puzzles
Mark Cappitella
MGC Puzzles
Deb Dana
Pixel Puzzles
Andrea Farnham
Thingamajigsaw Puzzles
L. Keith Graves
Graves Puzzles
Charles Hamm
Jay Hollis
Bogarts Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
Lisa Lee
Forgetmenot Puzzles
Jesse Louis-Rosenberg
Nervous System
Ron Moore
Turtle Teasers Puzzles
Kathleen Pigeon
Pigeon Puzzles
Dee Rogers
Platinum Puzzles
Joe Seymour
Dep Qua
Melinda Shebell
Jardin Puzzles
John Stokes III
Custom Puzzle Craft
Terry Walters
Grandpa TJ Puzzles
Bob Walzer
Five Frogs Woodworking
Anne Williams
Chris Wirth
Liberty Puzzles
Chris Yates
Chris Yates Studios

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