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Pagey Elliott Puzzle Exchange Guidelines

  • The 2018 Exchange is open to jigsaw puzzle cutters who register for the 2018 Puzzle Parley. The exchange will take place on the first evening, Friday July 13, at 6 p.m.

  • Registration for the Exchange closes on April 15, 2018. Late registrations are not acceptable.

  • Each Exchange participant must bring twelve (12) of the same jigsaw puzzle to the Exchange. "Same" means the same image, same size, and same cutting style, but does not require that pieces should be interchangeable among the 12 puzzles.

  • If more than 12 cutters register, each may choose one of two possible levels of participation. Cutters in Group A will exchange with every other cutter, i.e. they will cut as many puzzles as there are participants. Cutters in Group B will exchange with only 11 other participants according to a randomly generated list of exchanges.

  • For display during the Parley, each participant must bring one assembled exchange puzzle, along with a short text describing the creation of the puzzle. After the Parley ends, the display puzzle will go to the Strong Museum in Rochester, New York, for its permanent collection of jigsaw puzzles.

  • Participants must cut their own jigsaw puzzles with a saw, laser, or water jet; this means no die-cutting and no subcontracting to other cutters.

  • Each jigsaw puzzle must be of high quality. In the past the typical puzzle was about 5" x 7" and 65 to 75 pieces made of plywood or solid wood. (See 2012 Exchange Puzzles for examples).
    High quality is the operative term here. Cutters with questions about whether their planned Exchange puzzles meet the standard and guidelines of the Exchange, should consult the organizers. In some cases, and only with the approval of the organizers, Exchange puzzles may be larger or smaller, or made from other materials.

  • Each exchange puzzle must have re-sealable packaging that will stand up over time, for example, a sturdy box or case, or cloth drawstring bag. Temporary packaging (such as shrink wrap, a cardboard sandwich, etc.) is not acceptable.

  • Each puzzle must have a label that includes:
    • Title
    • Artist (if known)
    • Puzzle Maker and Contact Information
    • Size
    • Piece Count (which can be approximate)
    • The Occasion i.e. "The 2018 Pagey Elliott Jigsaw Puzzle Exchange"
    label example
    A label example

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